This year, a new club has been created, the Body Positive Club, in which students talk about accepting your body and accepting others.

Although the students in the club are not required to socialize, many of the members are energetic and full of light, creating an extremely positive atmosphere. One of the activities that is completed during meetings is writing positive sentiments such as compliments and positive quotes on slips of papers to put on the walls throughout the school. “By doing this, it helps people raise their self esteem and body positivity,” stated Lauren Najarian, a junior at the high school and one of the club’s creators.

In addition to this, the club will also take part in several out of school events. On April 10, the club plans to participate in a National Eating Disorders Association Walk at Newton North High School, along with the Out Of The Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk at UMass Amherst on March 31st.      

Many students outside of the club think that the new club is a good idea, including Cole Cameron, a freshmen. He said, “I think by going to the club, people could feel accepted of their body and not feel self conscious without people judging.”

Junior Alana Ferris, another co-creator of the club, is concerned with how people will view the new club. She says, “I’m worried that people outside the club will scoff at our sign that says, ‘Come join Body Positive Club” and look at us strangely. But right now we need to think about convincing more students to join.” Agerian and Ferris hope they will have at least 30 members.

Ferris has an urgent message for all students of AHS: “Stay positive and have confidence.”

Accepting yourself and your body is very important. Many students in school are bugged by their looks and personalities, both girls and boys. So it is clubs like these that help students build confidence and see themselves as beautiful just the way they are.

By Nobushiro Hagiya