Andover High School has planned an educational summit to Italy in the summer of 2017 for that year’s freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

The AP Environmental Science teacher, Mrs. Cutler, is leading this trip and said, “We’re targeting ninth-graders and tenth-graders and even people who are in eighth grade now who would be in ninth grade next school year.”

The trip will take place July 1-10 and will cost $4,815, which can be paid out in 15 monthly deposits of $315. The focus of this trip is to have students from all around the world gather and discuss the future of food.

“We would fly into Munich, Germany, hit a few cities in Italy including Venice, and then finish up in Turin, where the students would meet with other students around the world to talk about the big topic,” Mrs. Cutler explained.

The students who take part in this opportunity will get to see many sights in addition to attending the conference in Turin. They will also be able to explore Munich and Venice via guided tours.

Parents are also able to join on the trip with a cost of $5,180, which can be paid in 15 monthly deposits of $365.

“I think that any time you can go and be with like-minded students who are interested in the same topic, if the educational components are at a high level, I think you will always come back [having learned] something [and] having made new connections, whether it’s with peers or with professionals in the area,” commented Principal Conrad. “I think it’s always a great thing.”

By Sydney Bergan