The Mr. AHS competition took place on January 29, crowning Raini Huynh victor after many entertaining and talent-filled acts.

Mr. AHS is the annual competition in which junior boys voluntarily compete with the help of their female sponsors in numerous segments to win the title of Mr. AHS. The competition is always filled with laughs, surprises and other unforgettable moments. This year’s contestants included Huynh (first place and fan favorite), Thomas Haut (second place), Gabe Levine (third place), Won Hee Han, Bryce Corbitt, and Bruce Waters.

Mrs. Chachus, who has run the competition for the last 15 years and planned this year’s event, had lots to say about the experience. Prior to the competition she said this year there’s “lots of different talents to showcase that will be very interesting,” not wanting to give anything away.

Those who had never been to a Mr. AHS show were certainly impressed, as evidenced by the constant cheering from the crowd. Mrs. Chachus predicted this reaction, saying that first-timers should “expect the unexpected because it’s like no other show.”

Though some have never seen the show, other parents, teachers and alumni remember when the show started back in the ’80s. Chachus said, “The idea was to allow kids to show talents and creativity in a show that’s different than a typical talent or variety show. The judges often choose winners based on what was unique and memorable, not just skill.” She’s happy with what the show’s become since then and enjoys organizing it.

David Lee, who hosted the show with Katie Holden and Bill Rui, is heavily involved with the competition, added that Mr. AHS spectators should “expect to laugh. You’ll also learn a lot about your classmates. It’s a lively show with good comedy and funny stuff, lots of variety.”

Each contestant brought their own personality to the competition, ensuring that the show displayed a variety of talents and humorous acts. Huynh stunned the audience with his intro, in which he impressively reenacted the opening introduction of “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Haut put on a captivating piano performance for the talent section of the show, earning him his spot as first runner-up. Levine utilized his unique sense of humor throughout the show, evidenced by the laughter echoing throughout the Collins Center during his segments.

According to Corbitt’s sponsor, Nicole Kim, “Mr. AHS was a ton of work, but we all had fun, and in that way it was definitely a success.” 

By Nick Gilpin and Laura O’Brien