The clamor of feet against the floor tiles, which was once a common sound, seems to have faded out from AHS and the memory of students. No longer does music blare loudly from the school building, nor does punch spill over its crystal rim, staining a floor battered by dancing feet in the process. As time has progressed, students have slowly dispatched themselves from the school, and presently such dances are seldom attended. The current hope is that the possibility and suggestion of a dance that would be exclusively for sophomores and freshmen will reinstate these memories of dances past in the students.

As of now, this possible dance is still in the early stages. Mr. Abbott explains that “while there has been some talk of a possible dance (not advertised), there has been nothing planned as of yet.  If a dance does get planned, it wouldn’t be in December; January at the earliest.” Taking into consideration the Holly Ball, a past dance that previously took place in December, which was cancelled due to a lack of interest for a fall dance previous to it, “a dance won’t be planned if there isn’t interest. I am actually intending on sending out a survey to all freshmen and sophomores to gauge the interest of students on having a dance soon,” revealed Abbott.

If you haven’t heard any news of this dance and are wondering when it is, do not be concerned for the possibility for a dance and the planning of it are still in the earlier phases. Despite this, if you would be interested in such an event, do not hesitate to convey this. Any support shown for possible dances is the next step towards reigniting school spirit that has begun to dwindle in recent years.

The nostalgia that results from the dances, or even just the concept of a dance, is popular amongst some students; however, there are a variety of opinions within the student body concerning student enthusiasm. Posed with the question of whether or not she along with other students would attend the dance, Meghan McDonough, a freshman at AHS replied with excitement, “Yes, definitely! I seriously think that we need more opportunities to meet and socialize with new people. I’ve talked to a lot of people who wish we had either a homecoming or some way to get dressed up and hang out with friends because we used to have dances now we don’t!” AHS’ significant lack of dances could be a problem for social butterflies of the school. A new dance would be a pivotal way to interact and enjoy early high school years with peers.

In contrast to McDonough’s view, the trampling feet of students as they stamp the gym floor incessantly to the beat of dancing music is not appealing to everyone. Laura Olson explains, “I would not attend because I do not like dances very much, it is always too loud and crowded. But I think it would be something others would be interested in because teenagers love dances.” The fact that not everyone is a fan of dances is a great point to consider before planning an entire event, because while some may like the idea, more may not be comfortable with the blaring music all night. However, if the majority of teenagers at AHS do like dances, giving them what they want will be easier with the help of their supportive opinion.

In years past, the floors of Andover High were marked with the footprints of students, taking their steps and a beat that has since passed from our school as those students left, along with the dances that used to take place. Whether or not a dance is something that everyone enjoys or only a select few, student input on the matter is important to consider.

By Audrey Gallacher