Andover High School is a melting pot of students with different interests, hobbies, and personalities. Similarly, the school is the proud home of a variety of clubs that reflect the identities of the students. One of the larger clubs, called Interact Club, is popular at the school for its community service activities.

The Interact Club’s motto: “service above self” encompasses the work that they aim to achieve. Throughout the community, “Interact Club seeks to be the foundation for a life full of service and happiness, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about!” said Kerry Manuel, president of the club.

During the school year, the Interact Club contributes to a multitude of different community service activities for different groups and organizations such as the Lawrence Boys and Girls Club, Andover Cares, and the Andover Special Needs Basketball Team, among others. By participating in the different events, Manuel said, “we aim to create positive impacts in everything we are doing. Whether it is helping in your community or internationally, we try to always put our best foot forward.”

A big part of the Interact Club is helping young, underprivileged kids. The members fill stockings for the kids during Christmas Time, and help them obtain school supplies. The club members also help kids with their homework, and spend time to build a relationship with them.

In addition to these previously planned community service projects and activities, Interact Club has many other opportunities to assist the community currently in the works. As the year progresses, many other projects to benefit Andover and surrounding areas will be announced.

By Ananya Bhattacharya