Friday, November 20, Andover High School seniors will be competing in the annual Powderpuff flag-football game. Divided into teams “Daydreams” and “Nightmares,” the girls will be taking the field while the boys will be on the sidelines as the teams’ cheerleaders. The money raised from ticket sales benefits both Lazarus House and Andover Cares. Several students have given insight as to what the training experience has been like so far and what to expect for the upcoming game.

Senior Jillian Hughes explained how the senior class feels about the upcoming game. “I think what the seniors are most excited about for the game is getting to come together as a grade and play with a lot of girls that we haven’t gotten the chance to play with because they play different sports or do not play any sports, and it’s an enjoyable event for everyone to come watch.” With the many sports students play, it is uncommon for all of them to be together, so Powderpuff is a chance for that to happen.

Many are excited for the annual game and Hughes said, “I think this is such an important tradition because it’s an event seniors look forward to every year, and people get to try things that they have never really done before.”

This is a new experience for all seniors. So who is it more fun for? Hughes said, “I think it is equally fun for both girls and boys. Girls enjoy it so much because they get to play a sport most are not used to while also being supported by fans. Boys enjoy it because they get to have fun with it and wear whatever they want and always put on a funny halftime show.”  

Participating seniors have shown enthusiasm towards the game and are very excited to be a part of the annual tradition. Regarding the game plan Mikayla Murphy, on team Daydreams, stated that, “I think because we have only had one practice, we haven’t really talked about our strategy yet.” The team has had one more practice as of November 17th. The game preparation is still in the early stages but she also said, “I think that I am most excited about playing with my friends and against my friends on the other team.” With around 250 participants, clearly others are excited as well. Having been at AHS since 9th grade, Murphy said, “Powderpuff is definitely something that I’ve always thought looked like fun and so I knew I wanted to be a part of it my senior year.”

Another member of team Daydreams, Hannah Passanisi, gave her personal input. “My team is mostly just learning positions, plays, and the sport as a whole. We practiced passing and catching at the first practice.” She is most excited to “dress up at school and then play with and against [her] friends.” On the day of the game, the seniors competing dress up and display school spirit, which is one of the reasons why Passanisi chose to do it. “I didn’t know what Powderpuff was until I got to high school and when I was a freshman and saw the seniors dressing up and having fun, I was excited for senior year so I could do that too! I did it because all of my friends were and it seemed like a good time.”

Anticipation and excitement are buzzing as the school prepares for this year’s annual Powderpuff Game.

By Audrey Gallacher