The banners that once hung in the foyer are a thing of the past...but will they return? (Staff Photo)
The banners that once hung in the foyer are a thing of the past…but will they return? (Staff Photo)

Until they were taken down earlier this year, the club banners in the AHS lobby were a common sight for high schoolers.

Principal Conrad revealed that the banners were removed because many of the clubs displayed on the banners are no longer in existence. He also added that they were taken down because of the wear and tear they had suffered as a result of not being cleaned for more than 15 years.

Currently, the administration is considering replacing the banners with new ones that would display all of the current clubs. However, Conrad expressed that an issue with this idea is that there are more clubs in existence than banner spots in the foyer. Therefore, some banners may be hung in the field house or gym instead.

The administration decided to take down the banners based on Conrad’s campaign to improve the energy and appearance of the school with renovations. The banners are just one of many changes taking place at the high school.

Unfortunately, the response to the removal of the banners has not reflected an improvement in spirit or energy. AHS sophomore Meredith Hunt stated that she “loved the banners,” and that she thought it was beneficial that they showed off some of the many different club opportunities students can take part in.

Patricia Whalen, the English program advisor, said, “At first I was shocked to not see them up, but it’s become a new normal.”

Removing the banners was the only feasible option that would improve the appearance of the foyer. People have attempted to clean the banners with little success; the stains on the banners seem to be too dirty for anyone to successfully take them out. Yet, Conrad said, it will cost more to replace the banners than to clean them. One reason they are so expensive is that the banners must be fire proof in order to be hung in the foyer. 

By Sydney Bergan and Shawn Wood