According to an Andover High School cafeteria worker, new muffins will be arriving to the cafeteria soon.

Last year the cafeteria made their own muffins, but this year they decided to get the muffins from Perfectos instead. Marie Sharis, who works the cash register of the “Snack Shack,” where muffins are sold, said, “Perfectos will start providing new muffins for Andover High School.” These muffins will be bigger compared to the muffins that were originally supplied.

The original muffins were small because Perfectos did not have the ingredients needed to make larger muffins that met the health requirements of the school. Once the small muffins are all sold, the newer, bigger, muffins will be sold instead. The new, larger, muffins will still be $1.50, as the muffins have consistently been.  

Michael Rosen, an AHS sophomore, was disappointed in the size of the muffins, so much so, that he got Polar Sparkling Frost instead of a muffin  because he felt that the muffins were just not worth it. “They are just taking my money at this point,” Rosen said. “I can get the same thing for $0.25 at Stop and Shop.”, Rosen said.

Despite Rosen’s disappointment in the size of the muffins, he was pleased with the taste. “There is more chocolate in the new chocolate muffins than the old ones. It makes them more delicious,” he said.

By Matt Donahue