Mr. Pellerin arrived at Andover High School on October 16 having shaved off all of his hair for the Be Bold Be Bald campaign to raise money and awareness for cancer.

Mr. Pellerin (Staff Photo)
Mr. Pellerin (Staff Photo)

The Be Bold Be Bald campaign is a way for people to show support for and to honor anyone that has suffered fighting cancer or anyone who has seen loved ones go through the difficult struggle. According to their website, participants can be “[a]nyone who wants to help raise money for cancer charities without worrying about training beforehand or taking valuable time off for the event itself.”

Although participants have the option of wearing a bald cap instead of shaving their own hair off, Mr. Pellerin decided to make the bold statement. He said, “It makes more of a statement, in the act of doing it, but it does kind of remind you that there is something dehumanizing about having to lose your hair. Certainly for me its going to grow back, and probably very quickly because I wear it short anyway, but even from yesterday, and today, it is a constant reminder of the small part of what people have to go through.”

It is also possible for people to get involved by donating to the cause. Several teachers showed their support for the campaign in this way.

This year, only a few students participated in the challenge with Mr. Pellerin, and he is hoping to get more students involved next year. “It wasn’t so much about the money; it was about getting large numbers of people with the bald caps and making it more of a school wide event. That’s why it was so important that I make the bold statement,” he said.

Although Mr. Pellerin found it a rather challenging task to fulfill, he joked, saying, “It is not a really great look on me. I kind of need the hair. Once I committed to doing it, I had to do it.”

By Mari Nagahara