The Andover High School Band and Orchestra are preparing for their in-school performance on Friday, October 23. Even though they perform about five times a year at the high school, many students know little about these groups and what goes in to creating these performances.

A few members of the orchestra–Bill Rui, Arthur Lauretano, and Gavin Batsimm–provided an explanation of the process: “We meet once every Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:15 in the band room. We’ve been working on the songs that we’ll perform on Friday since the start of our 2015-2016 season on Tuesday the 8th of September. Rehearsal usually starts with announcements concerning upcoming events and info about AHS performances and outside orchestra groups, like Junior/Senior District and All State Orchestra. After that we rehearse our different pieces until 8:15. All individual practice is done outside of rehearsal; when we meet it’s really to rehearse as an ensemble and put everything together.”

These same orchestra students each gave a personal comment about what they enjoy about orchestra.

Rui said, “Since we have only one rehearsal a week, we have to make all that time count. It can be hard work but it’s fun and it’s worth it.”

Lauretano said, “A lot of kids are in amazing outside groups, including the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra. There’s a lot of talented people, but in-school orchestra people of all different skill levels can play together and it benefits everyone.”

Batsimm said, “One great thing about orchestra is getting to meet and spend time with people you wouldn’t get to in school, doing something you both enjoy.”

By Nick Gilpin