New principal Mr. Conrad recently invested in three new $2,000 rugs for the foyer as part of his process for cleaning up the school.

He believes that what AHS lacks the most is a celebration of ourselves as a community and what we are doing. The rugs are supposed to give the foyer a newfound “pizazz,” that is intended to boost school spirit.

New rug on stairs near foyer.
One of the new rugs purchased for the school rests just up the first flight of stairs in the foyer. (Staff Photo)

Commending Mr. Conrad, senior Dillon Clancy thinks that the new rugs “really spice up the school” and “bring the school together.”

Owen Plourde, a senior at the high school, disagrees saying, “Although the rugs were probably the cheapest and fastest changes to make, there are many more important things that need fixing.” He mentioned that improving the school’s technology should be at the top of the administration’s priority list, noting the computers in the library, which are slow and “honestly useless,” according to Plourde.

When asked what other aspects of the school he believed were in need of improvement, Mr. Conrad said, “If I had a million dollars to go towards the school I could spend it in 10 minutes.” Acknowledging that there are tons of things that could be fixed, Mr. Conrad stated that his number one concern is to enhance the culture of the school.

Sophomore Abby Kobelski stated, “I think that there is a lot of school spirit at AHS, but there could be more.”

Plourde believes that these new rugs are just a “mere disguise for the problems that are still present in the school.” He jokes, “Like they say, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

By Ceara Manship