The planned trip to the Dominican Republic in February will likely be cancelled due to lack of interest. Students have until Oct. 15 to contact Mr. Powers if they have a desire to go.

The prospect of cancellation was reached ultimately because all of the announcements and info didn’t draw students in. Powers, the Spanish teacher leading the trip along with EF Tours, said that it was to happen during February break and would have involved short-term volunteer work and establishing a long-term service project.

A handful of juniors, who are aware of the Dominican Republic Trip and similar trips before, gave their opinion of this outcome and what it says about these opportunities. Gabe Deacon said, “I think that most people could just go on vacations themselves rather than spending extra money to go on these trips.” Rohan Sinha said that the trips were “good in concept, but most kids don’t want to go that far.”

When asked what the leaders of these kinds of trips could do to make them more appealing to more students, Bruce Waters said, “They could have assemblies like they do for the school year abroad.”

The most commonly perceived and important drawbacks that the students pointed out were cost, benefits versus inconvenience, and lack of awareness. 

Mr. Powers said it is important that students go on these types of trips and have these experiences. “Seeing other cultures opens the mind to new experiences, ways of doing and problem solving. It is vital in education to travel and it fulfills natural curiosity,” he said.

By Nick Gilpin