With September rolling around to an end, the yearly ritual of Picture Day is upon the students at Andover High School on Wednesday, September 30. Students often look back on their photographs from their earlier school years with horror and embarrassment, and these students have been asked about their thoughts on Picture Day and their routines. Students from freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year all had varying answers.

“I think it takes me like 45 minutes [to get ready]. I guess I do what I would usually do to get ready in the morning.” –Aishwarya Sood, Freshman

“I don’t try at all for picture day. I spend a little extra time getting ready. I find nice clothes to look good in and that’s it.” –Pakshal Gandhi, Sophomore

“I don’t try very hard. The only thing I change is that I might put jewelry on.” –Rachel Cadet, Junior

“I would say it takes me the normal amount of time in the morning (45 minutes or so). I wouldn’t say I do anything special besides trying to pick out my most flattering shirt.” –Maggie Grande, Junior

“Well, for seniors generally you have a professional photographer outside of school do it so you pick a day in the summer to take pictures. I guess generally you try a little harder.” –Meghna Ray, Senior

By Ananya Bhattacharya, with additional reporting by Pooja Muddasani