(Cartoon by Sam Zhang)

Amidst the monotony of an average school day, one small creature ensured that the year would not finish without a harmless episode of confusion for AHS.

As those who have second and third lunch may have witnessed, a bird recently flew into AHS’s cafeteria through an open door, and chaos ensued. Although the door remained open, this not-so-intelligent bird chose to remain inside the, by this point, boisterous cafeteria.

Initially, a hall monitor attempted to catch the misguided creature with a large net, but  the bird evaded each try. At one point, the bird even sat directly above the open door, yet refused to fly outside, as if taunting the students and faculty. Eventually, Assistant Principal Norton captured the bird and it was released outside without suffering from harm…except perhaps the trauma that comes with enduring AHS’s lunch periods.

Although the ordeal has been dealt with and has slim chance of recurring, accounts of thrown grilled cheese sandwiches and enthusiastic cheering for the bird ensure that this small winged visitor will not be soon forgotten.

By Laura O’Brien