During the chaotic four years of high school, rarely does a student have the perseverance and work ethic to not only find her passion but also become a valuable leader in a variety of areas. However, Tarushi Sharma has demonstrated that this feat is possible; all of her accomplishments along with her sincere charisma have ensured that she will forever be a legacy at AHS.

One of Sharma’s most notable qualities is her impeccable ability to lead. As an extremely active member of our school, Sharma not only runs the Warrior Weekly, but also leads Student Government, the Environmental Club and more. As editor of the Warrior Weekly, Sharma has a multitude of responsibilities, which includes motivating other members to submit articles, keeping the website running smoothly, and improving other students’ writing skills through kind encouragement.

What exactly makes Sharma a strong leader? Ms. Waters, Tarushi’s BC Calculus teacher, believes it is because “she’s a really good listener. I think she works well with her peers as well as with adults, and I think that is a sign of her being very approachable and very mature. I think she cares; I think she really cares.”

Despite a large workload, Sharma always keeps a positive attitude and is able to devote herself to her other interests. One such interest of Sharma’s is science. Not only did she lead AHS’s Environmental Club effectively, allowing the club to accomplish great feats, but Sharma also excelled in her science classes. According Ms, Cutler, Sharma’s AP Biology teacher, “In AP Biology Tarushi was always engaged, interested, and asking good questions, and I have seen few students work as hard as Tarushi did.” Sharma’s enthusiasm for science has led her to the medical field, and she will begin Northwestern’s pre-med program next year.

Sharma’s well-earned success at AHS is certainly a culmination of her leadership skills and her devotion to science; however, perhaps her most rewarding quality is her extremely impressive work ethic. This has played a significant role in Sharma’s abundant and versatile successes, and is recognized and admired by her peers and instructors. “Tarushi is extremely self-motivated,” says Waters. “She was very busy, involved in a lot of activities and a lot of high-demanding courses, but she set goals for herself and she found a way, one way or another, to reach those goals.”

In addition to devoting herself to her studies, Sharma is also known as an extremely valuable friend and overall exceptionally kind person. Farrien Khan, Tarushi’s best friend says,”She’s not only a friend, but she’s also a sister, and I have gone to her for every single thing. I don’t think we’ve ever fought, but when we’ve had our little disagreements, she’s been so understanding…I am so grateful that we have become friends over the last few years, I think I honestly couldn’t have gotten through high school without her.”

A friend to students and teachers alike, Waters describes Sharma as “wonderful to work with, very pleasant, [and] very friendly,” in addition to being incredibly self-motivated and hardworking in class. Waters was impressed by how much initiative Sharmai had in BC Calculus.

“As a friend, she’s a really genuine person, she’s just a really easy person to talk to,” says Janak Shah, friend of Sharma.

Balancing school and a social life is a very demanding task, but Sharma manages it with ease. Khan says, “She’s a very sweet girl, I haven’t met anyone as intelligent, and she’s so balanced she is able to work and have fun, and I think that’s what a lot of people like about her.”

It is important to remember that although Sharma graduates very soon, she will not be forgotten and will leave her legacy at AHS for many years to come.

As she graduates, Waters would like to say congratulations and “try to keep a balance in her life…She just needs to make some time in her life to have fun and to balance and keep herself healthy, mentally, and physically.”

There is no doubt that Sharma will succeed in her goals. Shah says, “It’s not really a question whether she’ll be successful out of high school; she’s guaranteed to be successful.”

Although many of us have only known Sharma for a short period of time, she has impacted each of us in an immense way. She deserves the best for all of her hard work and motivation in addition to her warm, caring personality. She will be greatly missed as she pursues her dreams and moves on to the next chapter of her life.


The Warrior Weekly Team