Andover Assassin has been assassinated.

Principal Steven Murray announced to seniors fourth block on Thursday that students could no longer participate in a class-wide game of tag that had been taking place on school grounds during school hours.

Players were given a target amongst the senior class who they needed to tap on the back of the head while wearing a sock on their hand. If the target saw the “assassin” coming, the assassin would need to wait an hour before attempting to tag them again. The game began when seniors walked through the school doors in the morning and lasted until 2:15 p.m. A person could be tagged anywhere on school grounds within the time limit. The game started the first week of AP testing, and a second round started this past Wednesday.

Mr. Murray said he likes the idea of the game, but it can’t interrupt class. “It’s a fun game when done well and most people have been doing a good job,” he said. “It’s just been in the last week we’ve had people blowing in during a test and disrupting a class.”

Ms. Chapman’s AP AB Calculus class was taking a final test third block Thursday when all of a sudden Devon Witt, senior, barged in and slapped Charley Lei in the back of the head and let out a loud scream of victory. Chapman told Witt to go back to class and then asked her students for his name.

“I think the game was fun,” Ms. Chapman said. “I was actually part of a plot to take down somebody last week, so I’m sad it had to end for you guys. However, it did get a little out of hand…. Too bad that everyone had to suffer.”

Witt apologized to his classmates on Twitter Thursday evening for contributing to the game being cancelled.

Many students interviewed said they wished the game could have continued.

“It’s unjust to ban the game because [of] one person,” said Chris Ruiz, senior.

“I don’t think it should be banned, but you can’t go bursting into people’s finals,” Patrick Ritchie, senior, said of Andover Assassin. “That’s not cool.”

Faculty members interviewed said they thought the game was fun but had gotten out of hand.

“I didn’t know about it at first, but then students wanted to leave the classroom to assassinate someone. Yes, it became a little disruptive,” said Sr. Rodriguez

Senior Dean Smith started the game, but the idea came from other area schools in town. “I played both rounds and I enjoyed it,” senior Cam Flowers said. “Overall it was a fun game and it brought the seniors together.”

By the Second Block Journalism Class