Irene Gu walks through the hallway. She hears demeaning words, sees faces made, and fingers pointing, usually towards women. This upsets her. She wishes she could live in a world where women wouldn’t be told how to act or what to wear. She wishes that she could walk through the hall and not be judged on things based on the fact that she’s female. She wants change, and that’s why she started the feminist club.

Gu, a senior at Andover High, felt “our school culture needed a total revamping in our attitude towards females and feminism in general.” 

Fiona Lafferty, sophomore at Andover High School, thinks that this is something that was needed. Lafferty believes that feminism is about “equality and women shouldn’t be oppressed”. She joined to send out more awareness.

The club meets every Thursday after school. They talk about their personal experiences of sexism and try to think of ways to raise awareness. Hanging up posters stating domestic violence facts has been an effective method, but that’s only the beginning. The group is planning upcoming events like walking for the cause and various awareness days.

Despite what some may think, feminism is not the belief that women are better than men. Gu feels that equality is something everyone should be aware of and everyone should strive for. She encourages not only girls but also boys to join the feminist club.

“I’m a feminist because I’ve experienced sexism in my life from ‘oh your shorts are too short’ to ‘oh you’re really aggressive for a woman,’” said Gu, “I don’t think it’s fair because if I was a guy, and say if I was a little bit verbally aggressive, people would find that totally okay.”

By Ashley Richmond