The student government has recently released an application that is currently available for download on Google, Apple, and Amazon devices.

The app was made by the students for the students, and was created to make accessing information about the school easier.


“The app compiles resources and links that students should find helpful,” said Elizabeth Bernardin, one of the main contributors to the app and a member of Student Government. “Condensing the information we have into one app makes everything easy to locate and use.”

The app was designed using the Conduit software platform and was programed mainly by Bernardin. Rhea Singh originally presented the idea to the Student Government.

“I came up with the idea,” said Singh. “I found my inspiration when I noticed that my friends from private schools had their own app and thought it would be cool for AHS to have one of its own.”

Some of the features of the app include an Aspen login page, a link to the Daily Bulletin, and a list of all the teachers’ email addresses.image1

“Every bit of information you might need to know or find around the school is all in one place at the touch of your fingertips,” said Singh. “I personally don’t hear the morning announcements, so I thought the app would be a better way to find out, for example, what time the guys’ basketball game is tomorrow night,” said Singh.

The student government has been working on the app for over a year, but it has only recently been released because of the difficulties involved in getting the app approved on different platforms. Apple caused the most difficulties; Ms. Najarian, the Director of Digital Learning for the town, even had to receive a developer’s license in order for Apple to approve the application.

image1-1Apple rejected the app at first but eventually approved it after Najarian received the developer’s license and resubmitted the app. The entire process to get the app approved by Apple took about six months, according to Singh.

At first, the idea of creating the app may have seemed daunting. “Logistically, it was difficult to know where to start or what resources we should use,” said Bernardin. “When we researched outside firms that produce apps, the costs weren’t realistic for a school run club to fund so I decided we should take matters into our own hands.”

There were a few things that could have been done differently if they were to do it again. “I would have looked more closely at the process of getting the app online, it was lengthy and cumbersome,” said Najarian.

“It was a great learning experience for all the students involved and for the Student Government,” said Mrs. Costello, the Student Government Adviser. “Now we’d be better able to tackle it more efficiently and know what to avoid and what to focus on.”

By Alexandra Scott