The ski team state meet took place on February 25, 2015 at Wachusett Mountain. The girls’ team raced, but the boys’ team did not. The girls placed 11th overall with a combined time of 4:47.24. North Andover won with a combined Slalom and Giant Slalom time of 4:37.86.

In the slalom, Sarah Faigel, Olivia Lawler, Cailey Denoncourt, and Meaghan Farrell competed. In the giant slalom, the same girls competed. Faigel, the girls’ top racer, placed 12th overall.

11th was certainly an accomplishment for the girls. Making it states is not easy; to qualify as a team, three racers need to qualify individually. Speaking about the regular season, Farrell said: “We always had Faigel coming in on the top and a solid group of three girls who usually accompanied her in the top 10.”

Then there was the Interscholastics meet. Interscholastics is the north shore ski leagues league championship. At this meet, each team has its top 8 race, and individual and team results are counted. Sara Faigel said, “Our interscholastics team did pretty well.” The team placed second, while Faigel placed 1st, Denoncourt placed 4th, and Lawler placed 5th.

The boys, who did not race at the state meet, did race at Interscholastics. Those who raced were Jason Grosz, Michael Buhrer, Lucas Walsh, Neil Resnick, Jeff Resnick, Sebastian Hamori, Josh Faigel, and Mike Rushton. Grosz, a senior co-captain, said, “I think the team as a whole did extremely well in the GS, but was a little weak in the slalom. Slalom should be a point of focus for next year.” Grosz added that in the regular season, “We were middle of the pack. We had about around a .500 winning average.”

The Interscholastics meet for the girls went well. Faigel placed 1st, Denoncourt placed 4th, and Lawler placed 7th. “It’s always great because it’s not as exclusive as states so you still get full support from your own team,” Farrell said. “That was a pretty good showing of how our top girls are disciplined in different aspects of skiing and I really thought it represented our team well.”

North Andover won the meet. Farrell said, “Of course North Andover won again…but that’s a sensitive subject…” Seriously, what would the world of sports be without rivals? It’s a darn good question.

Congratulations to the ski team on another great season.

By Alex Bensley