Coach David Fazio reached his 400th career win Friday, January 2,  in a come-from-behind win over Lawrence.

When people ask about Andover basketball you will always hear one name: David Fazio. This is his 26th year as head coach of Andover High School’s basketball team, a number that very few coaches get to say they’ve reached. People call him one of the most elite coaches in Massachusetts high school basketball history, and to some people that comes as no surprise.

ESPN Boston sports writer Brendan Hall said, “Dave is bar none one of the four to five best coaches in the state of Massachusetts. Pound for pound, year in and year out, the guy gets every inch out of his kids, no matter what the level of talent they possess.”

Coach Fazio has a history of getting players to give it their all every second they are out on the court. People wonder what he does to get all this energy from his team, especially the younger players who still have a few seasons left ahead of them.

Senior forward Connor Merinder said, “He always demands our very best, at every practice and every game. He is dedicated to the success of our team and brings energy every day. Witnessing this dedication makes us all want to reciprocate the energy with which he coaches.”

Fazio is a man of lessons and morals. He has taught his players how to be successful and demonstrate great sportsmanship. Fazio is tremendous at preparing his athletes for the next level of basketball. Former player John Pisacreta said, “I think that Faz has always been a college level coach. As I started practices at Clark, a lot of the drills and plays I had already learned from him.”

You will never meet a more humble coach than Fazio. Never will you hear Fazio come off the court bad mouthing the other team or his own. When people ask him how he is still coaching he tells them “You never work a day in your life if you’re doing something you love.” ESPN Boston said in their article recapping Fazio’s 400th win that he was one of the “elites” in Massachusetts.  But Fazio refuses to admit this.

Fazio said, “I don’t look at it that I’m elite, I just look at it that I’m trying to do the best job I can for our school and for our community.”

Fazio has told his players past and present if you ever need help to reach out to him. The support he provides ignites his team to never give up, not only for themselves but for him as well. Pisacreta said, “More importantly, he cared about me off the court. No matter what situation I was in he would help, regardless of how difficult it was for him or myself. That made me want to make him proud on the court because I knew he had my back..”

By Sean Kucharski