Kyle Cianciulli conducted an interview with fellow student and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang cast member Daniel Webber as part of an assignment for the Newspaper Production class. An introduction, written by Kyle, and the transcript of the interview, is presented here: 

Daniel Webber is a junior at Andover High School. He is a talented and amazing young man because he has a wonderful voice and a passion for theatre.

He is in my math and English classes at Andover High School. When our English teacher, Mrs. Ganley, has us read parts out loud from the book Of Mice and Men, Daniel sounds just like one of the characters. I almost feel like he is one of the characters because he sounds so real.

I’ve known Daniel since preschool when we both attended Shawsheen School. We went to separate schools in kindergarten because Daniel was at Shawsheen and I was at High Plain Elementary School. We both met up again in the first grade at High Plain. We both later went to Wood Hill Middle School.

There were several plays he was in during our middle school years. In sixth grade, Daniel and I were both in The Music Man. In seventh grade, we were both in Singin’ in the Rain. In eighth grade, Daniel was in Beauty and the Beast. I wasn’t in that play. Daniel really enjoyed participating in all of those plays.

KYLE: How did your interest in theatre evolve?

DANIEL: It first evolved when I was 11 and already gained interest in musicals when I saw the Wood Hill Middle School production of The Wizard of Oz.

KYLE: What is your favorite memory in theatre?

DANIEL: My personal favorite memory was being the beast in the Wood Hill production of Beauty and the Beast.

KYLE: Are you looking forward to your next performance?

DANIEL: Yes, I am looking forward to my next performance.

KYLE: How does being involved in the theatre community make you feel?

DANIEL: It makes me wonderfully gifted to be involved in theatre.

KYLE: Working in theatre is a lot of work. Does it feel like a lot of work?

DANIEL: It can be a lot of work and a lot of time consuming but it is worth it.

KYLE: Do you want to continue singing and dancing? Why?

DANIEL: Yes, because I have been doing it for years and it makes me feel alive inside. I started singing lessons at 13 and I take private lessons from a person named Colin.

KYLE: Where will you see yourself in 10 years?

DANIEL: I will see myself in regional theatres.

By Kyle Cianciulli