Rumors are going around Andover High School saying that the kids trying out for boys’ hockey were forced to run the Feaster Five as a tryout, but the head coach said those rumors are not true.

The Feaster Five Thanksgiving Day Road Race, more commonly called the Feaster Five, is a five mile road race held annually in Andover, Massachusetts on the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving Day. It is very popular and many residents of Andover participate. Some only do it for the cookies and apple pie after the race. The Feaster Five brings the community together to walk, run, and talk with friends and family

Mr. Doucette, Athletic Director, said, “If you’re going to be on a team at Andover High School, the team should get involved in something as a community project and, to my understanding, all the coaches that are running things, would run it that way.”

If the head coach of the boys’ hockey team did require the team to run the Feaster Five, Doucette would have a different opinion: “[That] wouldn’t be something we would support.”

There are definitely some pros to running the Feaster Five. Andover Boys Hockey will be better conditioned than the other teams they will be facing in the MVC. Matt Croston, a sophomore on the hockey team that wanted to run the Feaster Five said, “You need to be fit for hockey so this would help us a lot.”

Instead of running the Feaster Five, Chris Kuchar, varsity boys hockey head coach, and the varsity hockey team will be pursuing another community service project. Kuchar said, “We will be serving dinner as a team at the Lawrence boys and girls club on Friday night.”

By Tommy Comparato