Fall sports are complete. Winter sports are upon us. The Jungle, led by Council members Brendan Slattery, Maggie Danisch, Chris Tully, Grace Perigaut, and Evan Pantely, is ready to get rolling again.

So far this year, the Jungle has attended many sporting events, such as soccer games, field hockey games, football games, volleyball games, and more. Perigaut said, “I think it’s gone pretty well so far. We’ve tried to go to a lot of different sporting events.”

It is important to the Jungle that all teams get their share of glory. Danisch said, “We don’t want teams to feel left out.” She also said the attendance at games and meets has been “great so far and we hope for it to only get better.”

The Jungle has evolved over the years to create a sense of community and spirit within the school. It all started with Adam Weisman, who created a fan section called “Jack’s Jungle” two years ago. Since then, spirit has grown, and the Jungle was awarded the most spirited fan section at the Christmas tournament in 2014.

The Jungle has been welcomed with support over the years. In terms of this year’s Jungle, Tully said “shoutout to [Sean] Kucharski and [Andrew] Matteucci”, for the help. Perigaut added, “We want every person who steps into the Jungle to know and feel that they are a crucial member of the Jungle community because they are.”

The Jungle started work over the summer and ever since has worked towards being the best fan section possible. It is not an easy task for the five council members, as Slattery said, “It’s a lot of preparation and communication.” All of the Facebook posts, tweets, and fan bus scheduling takes time, but the Jungle has accepted the challenge and is excited to work towards achieving its goals.

When asked about goals for the rest of the year, Danisch said, “We want to have a creative fan section. We have some creative ideas this year.” With this spirit, charisma, and enthusiasm, the Jungle should be in full force for the rest of the year. Speaking about basketball season, Perigaut said, “It’s gonna get loud and rowdy and super competitive and that’s what we all love so much about the Jungle.”

Will this year be another year to remember for the Jungle? Will the fan bus record rise to six, or even more? Will the Jungle be crowned the best fan section in the state of Massachusetts?

We will wait and see. Get ready, folks.

By  Alex Bensley