Big Hero 6, the newest animated film by Disney studios, is about a 13 year old  technological genius named Hiro. After someone close to him dies and a revolutionary invention of his is stolen and used for evil, he creates robotic “super suits” for himself, his quirky smart friends, and a health care robot named Baymax to fight back.

The best way to convey my opinion of the picture is to explain what happened to me after I saw it.Upon exiting the theater, I stopped walking, smiled and started laughing, a behavior that continued for a long time. Because I saw this movie at night I couldn’t go to sleep afterwards because I kept thinking and being excited about the film. It is needless to say that this movie was really good. The main character, Hiro is very likable. He’s a funny and perky kid who you hope succeeds in every one of his endeavors- like any great protagonist should make you feel. His super nerdy friends are very memorable and have many funny lines. However, you don’t get to know them very well and they are absent for a majority of the picture. The villain is more interesting than most run-of-the-mill “bad guys” because you can understand why he’s doing such horrible acts. Unfortunately, he is also not around for most of the film and is not even that interesting.

Where the film shines however, is in the character of Baymax, the big, soft, lovable nurse robot who is one of my favorite characters I’ve seen in a movie this year. Baymax is just so lovable and funny that you really want to hug him. He is also very funny. Because he was designed just to take care of people, Baymax is uninformed about everything else, leading to many hilarious situations with him. Because of how likable every aspect of him is, he was the character I cared about most and was definitely the best part of the picture.

I should mention that the use of science in this picture (in the robotic “super suits” powers) is very well executed and wanted me to know more about the scientific concepts (nanobots, robotics, lasers, electromagnetism, etc.…).

Lastly, this movie is very funny and will have you laughing more than a few times. This colorful, memorable picture left me wanting more (and expecting more, because the ending definitely leaves it open for a sequel.

This film’s subject- dealing with the death of a loved one- is an interesting one for Disney. On its own the film  would have probably gotten a B or B+ out of me. However, with Baymax done so well I am moved to give a solid and strong A.

By Sam Finbury