Thsgae School Committee is currently under debate with regards to Andover High School’s school vacations. Currently we get one week of vacation in December, February, and April. However, the School Committee is suggesting replacing the February and April vacation with one week in March. The December vacation is projected to remain unchanged. The School Committee’s reasoning behind this suggestion is to give students a break in the middle of the year. If this plan is implemented, the school year will end three to five days earlier, depending on when the year begins.

Student Government wishes to represent the student’s voice in this decision. Therefore, there will be a survey sent out to 160 randomly selected students, 40 from each grade. If at least one hundred students respond to the survey these responses will be a statistically significant representation of the Andover High School student body. Selected students will receive a letter that contains the URL for the survey on Thursday, November 20.

On December 4 there will be a School Council meeting where Jason Grosz, AHS senior, and Student Government representatives will present the results.