Nothing But Treble, Andover High School’s all-girl show choir group, is hard at work taking on a Cleopatra theme for this year’s competition season.

Nothing But Treble, all-girl show choir. (Photo by Deanna)
Nothing But Treble, all-girl show choir. (Photo by De’anna Campbell)

In April, the ladies will perform at a national competition in Branson, Missouri. The Cleopatra theme and set list has sparked excitement throughout the team and, according to Mr. Mercer, the director of Andover’s Vocal Music Program, this year’s Nothing But Treble group has great chemistry and is one of the most talented teams yet.  

The Cleopatra theme is based on Mercer’s own fictional and creative interpretation of the Egyptian queen’s possibly untold story. “Egyptian came first, and then I like to come up with creative ideas so I thought about Cleopatra and somehow there being an untold story of her,” Mercer said. “The story is really about the juxtaposition between her and being some high up person when she really felt like she was a nobody.”

The members of the team have their own opinions behind why the Cleopatra theme was picked. Maggie Meng, a Nothing But Treble sophomore member, says the all-girl choir is trying to portray a strong image to their female audiences. She also believes that the group is delivering the message that “everyone is human and when you think that others are better and more successful, think about how much inner struggle they might be experiencing alone.”

Cleopatra cartoon by Sam Zhang
Cleopatra cartoon by Sam Zhang

Erin Hanrahan, a sophomore and member of the group, shared similar thoughts to those of her teammate. “We all hear the story of Cleopatra and how she was strong, but underneath [it all] she was still a person,” she said. One of the songs to display this theme will open the show: “Only Human” by Christina Perri.

According to Mercer, choosing songs for the set list is one of the biggest challenges in putting together a show. It is hard to find songs to tell a story without changing the lyrics at all, although there are times that they will change a few words so that the song will make more sense.

Girls show choir practicing for their upcoming show. (Photo by Michael Briggs)
Nothing But Treble practicing for their upcoming show. (Photo by Michael Briggs)

Rehearsals have been going well and the group is able to focus and get along, according to Maya Marciano, another sophomore and member of Nothing But Treble. Meng also says that rehearsals have been running smoothly and that, “Mercer is funny and the dance coaches are encouraging.”

Meng hopes that over the course of the next competition season and at each performance, they are able to show the audience that “we are a group, in unison, and we sound wonderful. I hope our message of strength comes through.”

In January, the student body will have a chance to see Nothing But Treble perform. They will be performing for the student body again on March 20 and have also invited the Powerhouse national champions from John Burroughs High School to perform in the same show. Both teams will perform again on the following day for the festival that will be held at Andover High School.

By Mari Nagahara