Students who donated blood at the blood drive this past Wednesday saved the lives of many people; however they didn’t know much about the cause behind the blood drive. When asked if they knew about whom their blood would be benefiting or what the Red Cross was, they were surprisingly uninformed. These students showed interest in learning more, and the best way to start would be by getting involved in the Red Cross club.

Members of the Red Cross Club (Photo by Rhea Singh).
Members of the Red Cross Club (Photo by Rhea Singh).

Senior Molly Manuel, student advisor of the Red Cross Club, has thought about pursuing a career in science since she was a freshman. She even did a project on Clara Barton, founder of Red Cross, causing her to realize how “prevalent a role the Red Cross club plays in society”.

Red Cross club meets Tuesdays right after school in room 226. There, students look ahead at opportunities for blood drives and projects in the community. If you are interested in helping out people in need, Red Cross club is a great way to get involved. In addition to aiding victims of natural disasters and veterans Red Cross club also helps those in need of vital things such as housing or extra blood.

If you didn’t get a chance to donate blood at Wednesday’s blood drive, don’t worry. The Red Cross club is currently organizing a few upcoming blood drives: one in December and one in the spring. Those who want to will have plenty of chances to give blood. If you are unable to donate or are uncomfortable with the idea, there are other ways for you to get involved. People can bake, make fliers and join up with the Red Cross club. These are all great ways to help out, and your efforts would be very much appreciated. Students who join will be taking part in an international cause. You may have heard of the Red Cross helping out those affected by the Haiti earthquake in 2010, which killed more than 200,000 people and left millions without homes. The Red Cross club raised more than 21 million dollars through iTunes to assist victims of the tragedy in Haiti.

This club’s altruistic efforts to support the world around them make the Red Cross club stand out among other community service clubs. The club members are always making a real effort to take action, and you can expect more events in the future organized by these compassionate students who are making a difference in our world.

By Caroline Brink