The new entrepreneurship class added to the AHS curriculum is inspiring students in the business field.

Mrs. Stevens, the business teacher, will be teaching yet another business class this year to help expand the digital learning department. Technology is an advancing field and it is quickly being incorporated into our school curriculum. Entertainment marketing was introduced to the curriculum school last year.

Unlike other classes, entrepreneurship focuses on one semester-long project. Students develop a business plan and learn how to write aspects of it including executive summary and marketing strategies, according to Stevens. This course is offered in a computer lab where students have the opportunity to engage in technological aspects of creating their business. Students learn about web design,  financial reports, advertising campaigns, and public relations.

“It’s really important with entrepreneurship to tie it to the new technology,” said Mr. Downs, the digital learning program coordinator.

Taking entrepreneurship also opens up an opportunity to join Andover’s DECA chapter. DECA is a club at AHS that competes in different events based on marketing and entrepreneurship skills. The DECA state competition provides various entrepreneurship and marketing workshops and leadership opportunities to further a student’s business knowledge.

For students like Meaghan Murtagh, a senior and a member of the DECA Board, taking entrepreneurship will  be helpful in college and her future career. Murtagh hopes to major in business and entrepreneurship and even start her own business when she is older.

One current problem with the business classes is that students have trouble getting into the highly popular courses. “I was a little disappointed because I wanted to take a class that could help me excel in DECA,” said junior DECA participant Julia Lem, who did not get into entrepreneurship. Lem was hoping to compete in an entrepreneurship event this year but in order to succeed, she will have to wait until her senior year when she hopefully is able to take the course.

Murtagh thinks the entrepreneurship class should be weighted due to the rigor of the course. Marketing and Entertainment Marketing are currently weighted classes but entrepreneurship is unleveled.

What will be next for the digital learning department? “It’s hard to say that right now because one of our biggest challenges is the labs,” said Downs. Currently, business classes only have access to one computer lab, located in the library.

The entrepreneurship class was resurrected, according to Stevens. It was offered at AHS in the late ’90s. Hopefully the new and improved entrepreneurship course stays around at AHS.

By Elena Primes