Many students participated in the “I Will” Campaign by pledging to do good for their community on September 11, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

The campaign is, according to its website,, “a positive way for all people to forever remember and pay tribute to the 9/11 victims, honor those that rose in service… [during the attacks], and remind people of the importance of working…. together in peace to improve our world.” A lot of the pledges from AHS have been featured on the cafeteria TVs, featuring an image of the student and his or her pledge written on a whiteboard behind them. The pledges range anywhere from cooking dinner for the family, to helping someone out with homework, to feeding the homeless.

Check out this video for more information about the “I Will” Campaign.

Julia Fraser, senior, was one student who participated in the “I Will” campaign. “[It] was part of a class and homework assignment for my Contemporary World Issues class,” she said. “I would say about 150 students [were involved] within our school.”

Data from the “I Will” campaign website states that over 47 million people total participated in the campaign in 2013, one of its best years since it was started in 2002. 9/11 is the largest day in the U.S. for charity work because of the campaign.

“I committed to driving my brother and his carpool to their high school,” Fraser said of her own pledge. “[They] don’t go to AHS, so it was helpful to my parents for me to drive them that morning. I hope to continue [doing this in the future].”

Although not everyone within AHS officially pledged, some students knew of the campaign and were on the look out for small ways to help. One such student was Diya Anand, sophomore.

“I knew [the ‘I Will’ campaign] was about doing something nice for someone else,” Anand stated. “That morning on the bus, I held all of someone else’s stuff so that they would have space to study. It doesn’t sound like much [but I think every little bit can help].”

Images associated with the day can be found on Twitter by searching the hashtag #iwill and #iwillandover for pledges made especially by members of the Andover community.

“I think the ‘I Will’ campaign is a great way to honor those lost in the attacks of 9/11” finished Fraser on the subject. Indeed, helping better the world around us seems to tie in perfectly with the day’s slogan of “Never Forget”. What will you do next 9/11?

By Rachel McIntosh