Dear Ruby, 

I am a freshman entering high school, and I’m really nervous about it- especially the upper classmen. Will they really stuff me into the lockers? 


Concerned Student 


Fear not, Freshmen- Ruby is here!
Fear not, Freshmen- Ruby is here!

Dear Concerned Student,

This may come as a relief to you, but this is high school not High School Musical. Nobody’s going to shove you into a locker, or break out into song and dance for that matter. However, it is reasonable to be nervous as a freshman entering high school. But please know this, you are not alone. Everyone is a little nervous about high school, no matter what they show on the outside. Seeing 18 year old seniors walking around can be intimidating after leaving a school where you were just “top dog” as eighth graders.

My first piece of advice to nervous freshman about upperclassmen in particular is not to let them scare you. They’re people too, and not that much older than you in fact. They were standing in your shoes three short years ago, so they know how it felt. Waving or saying ‘hi’ to someone you know makes them feel special, and people like people who make them feel special. That said, don’t walk around thinking you rule the school. If you act like you own the place, you’re going to get some annoyed looks from seniors. They have been here longer than you, so they do have “seniority,” one might say.

My second piece of advice about entering high school is to get to know people in your own grade, and don’t worry about being judged by the upperclassman or anyone else for that matter.  If you start worrying about how cool you look, you may end up losing friends in your own grade, and when senior year rolls around you’re going to wish you had made some close friends who you could spend your last year of high school with.

So long story short, no you are not going to get shoved into a locker by an upperclassman, and do try to enjoy freshman year. You may find that it ends up being one of the best years of your high school career.

Best of luck!