Every other day, AHS Peer Mentor and Excel students take part in the school’s Connection Science or Health class. The students either visit Ms. Burch or Mr. Sousa to learn about things like the skeleton and the digestive system, or are visited by Mrs. McVeigh, who instructs on health topics.

MIchael Fox, a member of the school's Excel class, graduated last week. (Courtesy Photo)
MIchael Fox, a member of the school’s Excel class, graduated last week. (Courtesy Photo)

Recently, Michael Briggs, a member of the Warrior Weekly staff, sat down with Michael Fox, a member of the Class of 2014 who was a classmate from the Connection Health and Science classes, to find out more about Fox’s interests; Briggs and Fox also participated in the After School Club and sometimes ate lunch together.


Michael Briggs: What kind of work would you like to do?

Michael Fox: I would like to work at the Boston Herald with my sister, Rachel Fox.

Briggs: What will you do at the Boston Herald?

Fox: I will be a reporter.

Briggs: What other kinds of work do you like to do?

Fox: I like to deliver the mail.

Briggs: Would you like to always live at home?

Fox: No. I will live at college.

Briggs: What is your favorite music?

Fox: My favorite music is Sean Kingston

Briggs: Who is your favorite teacher?

Fox: My favorite teacher is Mr. Burke.

Briggs: Why is he your favorite teacher?

Fox: He is a good person.

Briggs: What is your favorite sport?

Fox: My favorite sport is lacrosse.  My sister, Rachel, played lacrosse in college.  I like to throw the ball in the net.