Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your daily stressors, from sports and academics to friends and family? Do you enjoy watching inspirational videos or listening to the stories of your peers? Do you need moral advice? If so, then you might consider stopping by a Bible Club meeting.

The Bible Club meets most Wednesdays at 2:15 in Ms. Thomson’s office, which is located in the guidance counselors’ hallway. At meetings, members are free to discuss whatever they would like, from personal problems to global issues to inspirational video clips. They often relate their problems to the Bible and utilize the scripture for support and guidance. Currently, the group is watching Soul Surfer. The movie depicts a female surfer who, after losing an arm in a shark attack, uses her determination and hard work to regain her status as an award winning athlete. Members feel that they can relate these lessons to their own lives.

Members of the club have also enjoyed participating in community service. Recently, they organized a blanket drive. All of the donations were given to homeless teens living in Boston.

The group is currently run by junior Ruth Hovor, who decided to continue the club after several of its leading seniors graduated last year. Ruth’s favorite aspect of the Bible Club is that it provides the opportunity to discuss problems openly and honestly. She says, “It’s a small group, so I can talk to people one on one. I’ve really gotten to know the people in there.”

As the school year approaches an end, the Bible Club is making plans for its future. Junior Janet Paik explains that they “would like to do more community service, hopefully something Bible related. There is a Bible Society that donates Bibles, and maybe sometime we could help out.” In addition, they hope to expand their club through the addition of new members. Although it is tiny right now, the group wants to become larger while preserving its atmosphere of friendliness and acceptance.

By Caroline Murtagh