Seniors turned the AHS foyer into a jungle in honor of their last day of high school classes this past Friday.

The intricate, jungle-decorated maze included streamers, balloons, jungle animals (not real), trees and shrubbery. Additionally, seniors had relocated chairs to the roof above the lobby entrance, draped streamers in trees at the front of the school, and chalked the front sidewalks. The process took over 3 1/2 hours to set up.

‘I thought it was creative. It wasn’t destructive either, which was nice.’

Caralyn Sein, Senior

At 8 p.m. Thursday, about 200 seniors gathered at AHS to begin the transformation. The chairs on the roof over the front doors were actually a last-minute addition to the plan, according to seniors Ryan Burke and Pat Shea.

Participating seniors then met again around 6 a.m. Friday to finish setting up the prank. The remaining seniors arrived around 6:45 a.m. to cheer in celebration after 13 years of school.

Every year, a group of AHS students devises a senior class prank. This year’s senior prank turned out to be a success, according to many of the students who dared to enter through the front doors.

Caralyn Sein, senior, said, “I thought it was creative. It wasn’t destructive either, which was nice.”

Mr. Znamierowski, one of the custodians, admits that the cleanup of this prank was not as messy compared to previous years. The most difficult part was getting the tape off the floor, which took about two hours.

Ms. Dunning, ceramics teacher, stated, “I loved it! I thought that the students just needed to blow off some steam. All of 98 percent of the senior class are going to college and it’s harmless to cheer after 13 years of school. The students really need some fun.”

Even with the last minute add-ons, Sam Kelly, senior, says that the prank went much better than he expected. “Everything was so disorganized at first, but it came together in the end,” he said. With the combined efforts of a Facebook group, a special “prank” committee, and the Jungle Council, the whole prank was chaotic from the start, according to Kelly,but everybody’s ideas were eventually compiled into one design for the final product.

Throughout the day, squirt guns, water balloons, and stink bombs were employed around school, and confiscated by the administration. Just like every other year of senior pranks, the administration was on high alert, searching the halls for any type of shenanigans. Many seniors felt angry that their last lap was canceled, but they do admit that the administration was a little less controlling compared to last year.

Mr. McCarthy, a teacher at AHS, has seen multiple senior prank days, and has started to see a more general pattern that the pranks speak more to a sense of entitlement than to privilege. “If the prank is creative and done in the foyer, it’s fine, but [some] of it, such as the walk, can go a little too far,” he said.“I thought this one was tame compared to years past and the foyer maze was fun. It was well done and it was creative.”

By Anamika Bhattacharjee and Jenna Kosinski