A free-for-all, you say? Yes! On May 30, the senior lot opened to all students who may want to park there. As long as the senior does not need their spot during senior week, other students will get the privilege to use that spot.

Though a mostly bare senior lot may prove tempting, junior and sophomore drivers beware: you cannot park in a senior spot if that student will need it during Senior Week. (Photo by Sara Wulff)
Though a partially bare senior lot may prove tempting, junior and sophomore drivers beware: you cannot park in a senior spot if that student will need it during Senior Week. (Photo by Sara Wulff)

Taking the commute to school everyday is a hassle. It takes about 8 minutes to drive to school, and then 10 minutes to walk at a fast pace from Red Spring. I find it quite aggravating to have to park so far away. I will definitely be parking in the Senior Lot when I have the chance to. Most juniors have been parking at Red Spring all year long, and I feel that they should have first priority on parking spaces in the senior lot. If you are a student who wants to park in the Senior Lot, then you should get to school early enough to get a spot. That said, I believe that the lot can be shared by all. (Assuming that there are very few sophomores who have their license, then they too are validated to park in the lot with the juniors.)

“No spot is designated,” said Officer Dowd. According to the administration in the office, there is no system. They allow the senior lot to be a free-for-all based on the popular demand of the lot. The reason there is no processing system is because there is “too much paper work to reassign students and charging the students would make no sense,” said Dowd.

It is advised that if you are a junior with an existing parking spot, then you should keep parking there. Nobody is entitled to a spot and “you’re all students, be courteous,” said Dowd.

He added, “Juniors think that they are seniors.” If a sophomore student has their license, then they are allowed to park in the senior lot as well.

Students’ rides to school average 5-30 minutes. It is all based on where you live, what the traffic is like and where it is that you park your car.

Madison Gorrassi, a junior, said she can get to school in 15 minutes on a good day, but it is normally double with traffic. On top of that it is a 10-minute walk to school. “I have to park at my friends’ house across from West Middle School. Since I got my license late there were no spots for me,” said Gorrassi.

James Michaels, a junior, can get from his house to the school in under 20 minutes, and he also parks at a friend’s house.

Students like Michaels and Gorrassi will try to get a spot at the senior lot for convenience in the morning and afternoon. Gorrassi said she “definitely will be parking when seniors leave because it is closer and easier for [her] to get to school and to work after school.”

Even students who do not drive to school agree with the current free-for-all policy of the senior lot. Julianna Acheson, a junior, thinks “that it is good for juniors and some sophomores who drive because they can park closer to the school and not have to walk from Red Spring.”

Like Nick Caruso, a junior, who also agrees that “nobody should have to pay for the last two weeks for a spot anyway.”

So here’s some advice for the rest of the students who are still at Andover High for another two weeks: we must treat one another with respect in the parking lot. Juniors and sophomores must share the parking lot equally.

By Sara Wulff