As the heat rises through the foyer of Andover High, the juniors rush to their cars to move them to the senior lot. The hallways are vacant of their normal chatter and the various students who walk around the halls are absent. It’s the historic senior skip day.

For years seniors organize a day in which the entire class skips school and heads to catch some sun at the beach. It’s depicted in many television shows and movies with students in convertibles driving to the beach. It’s a day of fun and celebration among classmates after many years of hard work. But this is somewhat controversial for many faculty members.

Ms. Robb and I share a similar view in regards to senior skip day. We both believe that for students who have minimal absences and have worked hard throughout high school it is a valid tradition to be held. Ms. Robb does believe that, “The [students] most adamant about going [to skip] are almost always the ones who can afford it least….When they end up losing credit because of too many absences or end up failing a class they need to graduate, they and their parents pitch a fit!”

Mr. Hibino, or “Bino” as many students refer to him, went to AHS. In his day students had “multiple senior skip days” but Bino wasn’t able to participate due to his ongoing tennis season. The administration and teachers also devised a field day in hopes that students wouldn’t cut school. “A BBQ that the entire school could participate in [is] a really nice event to build school spirit and increase student camaraderie,” said Bino, who also believes that senior skip day is certainly a tradition at various other schools. But whether it is a valid tradition at AHS is “open to interpretation.”

Mr. Waters of the English department, believes strongly that senior skip day is not a valid tradition. When asked, he stated, “Seniors get out of school weeks before the rest of the school and you have a great Senior Week. Aren’t those considered skip days? My high school did not let seniors out ‘early’ so we were in school with everyone else until the last day. [So] why would AHS [students] feel they need a skip day when seniors are let go weeks before the rest of us? Finish the year on a positive note.”

Ms. Jordan, of the administration also had a similar regard to senior skip day: “The bottom line is leave with class and let the legacy that any senior has built — have that [legacy] be lasting and positive.”

Fair enough, but leaving with class and celebrating years of hard work are not mutually exclusive. If you have worked hard for the past four years of high school, senior skip day is a nice reminder of all that you have accomplished.

By Anamika Bhattacharjee