The Andover High Debate Team will be hosting its semi-annual Debate Day in the Collins Center on May 22 all day.

A group that includes students and teachers alike will debate either individually or in a group against one another on a number of topics. Each debate topic will have a pro and con side; following an opening statement, the sides will then ask questions of one another, and follow those up with closing statements. Once the debate is finished, the audience in the Collins Center will be asked to vote for whom they think won the debate.

The members of Debate Team have been working hard to get ready for Debate Day. This includes the club’s faculty advisor, Mr. Michuad. One of his jobs for the event is finalizing the topics. He tries to pick topics that will appeal to a broad base of students. He said, “A lot of time in Debate Club, you have kids that are really into politics and we try to come up with topics that all people coming to Debate Day will enjoy.”

Once the topics are picked, Debate Team members get to work. They are led by three board members that include senior Lauren Wiener. Wiener has been a member of the club since her freshman year, and has been helping to organize Debate Day since her sophomore year. She has been surprised by all the freshmen that have joined this year and wanted to debate right away. Wiener said she didn’t feel comfortable debating until her second year in the club. However, now she is excited to debate.

Emily Granoff,  senior, is someone who never has shown nervousness before debating. Granoff cannot wait until she will get a chance to debate about censorship. She personally guaranteed that this Debate Day will be awesome, and there will be an amazing debate on Affluenza.

She encouraged people to join the club next year, and said, “the Debate Club is a fun group of people, and you do have to enjoying arguing, but we do know how to have fun.”

Debate Club will end for the year after Debate Day. Those who are interested can join next year at the meetings, which are typically Mondays after school.

By Hayes Linzer