Photo Article China
The whole group (minus Ms. Wu and Abi Cohen) at the Hengshui High School Lake. (From left to right) Mrs. Lord, Chris Lord, George Lord, Zach Perry, Hugh Smith, Caroline Price, Lacey Kirks, Nik Chaudhary, Rhea Singh, Dr. Lord, Brittany Ritchie, Larisa Kreismanis, Mr. DiGloria, and Joe Hallal.

After a long and tedious flight around the world, ten Andover High School students along with Ms. Wu, the Chinese teacher, Mr. DiGloria, an eighth-grade social studies teacher, and Dr. Lord with his family landed in China. All the students agree that this was an amazing experience which they will remember forever. We experienced the food, the culture, and met amazing people who we hope to keep as lifelong friends. From the Great Wall to Hengshui High the group saw it all! Here’s a quick peek of the amazing places we had the opportunity to visit. For more about the trip read Zach Perry’s blog.

Photo Article China 1
We were able to sit in a class at Hengshui High. This was the math class. There are about 70 students per class and the students stay in this class all day while different teachers come in.
Photo Article China 2
The Second International Cultural and Educational Arts Festival. People from all over the world came to represent their countries including South Korea, Ukraine, Peru, and Russia. The Andover High School sang and danced to Happy by Pharrell Williams.
Photo Article China 3
Back in Beijing we visited the Forbidden City. (From left to right) Brittany Ritchie, Abi Cohen, Lacey Kirks, George Lord, Chris Lord, Rhea Singh, Caroline Price, Nik Chaudhary, and Larisa Kreismanis.


Photo Article China 5
We visited a temple in China. (From left to right) Larisa Kreisimanis, Nik Chaudhary, Rhea Singh, Lacey Kirks, Brittany Ritchie, Zach Perry, Abi Cohen.
Photo Article China 6
Zach Perry and Mr. DiGloria feeling accomplished after climbing the Great Wall with a translator from Hengshui High.
Photo Article China 7
The whole group learning dance moves from the local village women.
Photo Article China 8
After the big performance, all the participants enjoyed a beautiful banquet with some unique food.
Photo Article China 9
Rhea Singh, Lacey Kirks, and Brittany Ritchie met the students they would be later hosting in June. The students will be in Andover from June 2 to June 16.
Photo Article China 10
At an elementary school all the AHS students were swarmed with little kids asking for autographs.
Photo Article China 11
Joe Hallal posing at the Forbidden City.
Photo Article China 13
The whole group posing at the Summer Palace. (From left to right) Ms. Wu, Zach Perry, Larisa Kreismanis, Brittany Ritchie, Abi Cohen, Nik Chaudhary, Lacey Kirks, Rhea Singh, Chris Lord, Mrs. Lord, Caroline Price, George Lord, Hugh Smith, Mr. Digloria, Joe Hallal, and Dr. Lord.

Photos compiled by Rhea Singh