The final lap resulted in numerous seniors receiving suspensions last year, and as this year’s event draws close, the possibility of similar incidents arises.

At the end of every year, graduating seniors are allowed to take a quiet and calm last lap around the school to remember all of the memories they’ve experienced though the years. However many seniors disregard the given instructions and go nuts, running, shouting, and even disrupting classes on their way around the school.

Last year’s lap in comparison to previous years’ was much more organized, as two years ago the lap went entirely out of hand and needed to have rules added. When asked how he felt last year’s lap went, current senior John Oteri said he felt the lap was “kind of soft; the administration really cracked down.”

Another senior, Jake Tarricone, described the administration’s approach as “a quiet lap; they attempted to have it calm.”

Even though last year’s lap went so much more smoothly, more than 20 students attempted to take a second lap, being very disruptive and getting themselves suspended. They chose to run away from the ice cream social prepared for them in the gym, and dash throughout the school.

Administration has found a way to contain students during the initial lap, but the issue of keeping students from taking extra laps still stands. When asked if a plan for this year had been reached, Principal Lord stated that the issue is “under advisement with the police department and the leadership team.”

Lord added, “If the students have any idea of what they would like to do, they are more than welcome to come down and suggest it.”

By Ryan Platts