Well to be honest I didn’t think I’d be blogging today, but as usual China kept us on our toes. We woke up early to pack our bags and head out to the Temple of Heaven. The temple itself spans an area about the size of the Forbidden City, but much of it is open grounds instead of buildings. People lined up outside the temples to get there chance to pray where emperors of the past did. We were unfortunately pressed for time so we took some quick pictures, played the Chinese equivalent of hacky sack with some natives and then boarded the bus to go to the airport.
Here’s where it really got interesting…our flight was delayed from Beijing to Newark by 3 hours, meaning we would inevitably miss our connecting flight from Newark to Boston. No worries though, I had purchased one of the Chinese hacky sacks for a mere buck so we got some good practice while the adults figured out where we would go. Eventually we got a flight to Houston where we are right now in a very nice Hyatt hotel.
We finally got some good American grub, which Hugh Smith succeeded in eating before the rest of us had taken a bite. Joe Hallal finally got something other than power bars, white rice and Cheezits and the rest of us all enjoyed our more than ample “Texas style” dinners. Tomorrow we’ll split up and take 2 flights to Boston and will finally have finished our trip. It’s been quite eventful to say the least, and I think we all need a vacation from our vacation.

By Zach Perry