Today was our last full day in China! Thankfully our tour guide didn’t pick us up from the hotel until 9 so that we could rest before we finally saw the Great Wall. It was about a 2 hour bus ride out to the mountains which were so amazing. Some of the mountains had rows carved down the sides of them which were for farming on flatter land. To think that people could actually live and sustain themselves on these treacherous hills. The Great Wall was a row of spikes curling along the back of the dragon that was the mountains. What’s interesting is that some parts of the Wall were closed off because they had never been renovated and were too dangerous to climb. Even the parts that were open to the public were quite steep and slippery. The mountains were the only place we’ve seem somewhat clear skies as well so it provided an even more beautiful view.

"What was fun about this shot is that the Chinese tourists took more pictures of us than we did!" Dr Lord
“What was fun about this shot is that the Chinese tourists took more pictures of us than we did!” -Dr Lord, at the Great Wall of China

Next we rode the 2 hours back to Beijing where we had dinner at a Chinese buffet/ pizza place. I was unfortunately too focused on the fact that they had honey baked ham to try the pizza, however.

After dinner we went back to the same marketplace we shopped in a few days ago to get some last gifts before we left and then we took the subway to the Olympic Park. The subway was actually way nicer than the T in Boston and our Hengshuian chaperons said this was common in urban China.

The Olympic Park was beautiful, especially at night with the magnificent, modern architecture lit up in such vibrant colors. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go inside the Bird’s Nest where the opening ceremonies were, but we got some great photos. Tomorrow we will visit the Temple of Heaven and then head to the airport to leave China. Stay tuned for my recap which will provide info on how to get involve.