“When you combine raw talent and a drive to do well, no one can stop you.”

These were the words Track Sprints Coach Michaud used to describe student Jeremy Travaglini. When thinking of most teens, the expression “Live, eat, breath track” isn’t quite the first thing to come in mind. For Travaglini on the other hand, this is sacred text.

Off the track, he is often described by many as fun loving and easy going. But on the track field, peers and coaches alike recognize Travaglini as lightning fast, hard working and motivated to win.

Jeremy Travaglini, on competing at Nationals: “You feel so small until you’re on the track and then you realize, ‘Oh man, this is real.’”

“He is a bit a goofball,” friend and fellow track mate Andrew Lucia, freshman, stated. “When we are together he will be acting like a 5-year-old, but when he’s on the track field, he’s as serious as ever and a role model.”

In addition, Lucia stated how Travaglini has had a love for the sport ever since a young age, and all his determination and perseverance is the reason why he is here. Coaches and friends of the young athlete have always seemed to maintain high expectations of Travaglini. But according to Travaglini himself, “It ain’t no walk (or run) in the park.” He describes the long days of track as hard and intense, yet fun and a thrill. Of course, this hard work and effort paid off. Travaglini managed to make varsity for both winter and spring track. In addition, he also nailed a spot in Nationals last year, and is expected to advance later this year in June.

And the shocking part is that Travaglini is only a freshman.

Many of the coaches stated that they weren’t surprised when they found out the freshman track star had achieved so much so young. When asked what the pressure was like running in Nationals, Travaglini could only use one word: “Unbelievable. You go in there being one of fifty states. You feel so small until you’re on the track and then you realize, ‘Oh man, this is real.’”

Spring Nationals are to be held in North Carolina this June. So with the massive event approaching, there are many things Travaglini must work on.

“Well, for starters,” Travaglini proclaimed, “It’s not just about how fast you can run. There’s a technique to it that the coaches teach us.” In addition to the heavy coaching, Travaglini also rigorously exercises, conditions and ironically lays off the fast food.

Travaglini enjoys practicing a healthy mind, body and lifestyle.

Though the pressure is on, Travaglini states he will be ready for when Nationals come his way. He plans on improving and learning as he continues the season. He ended with a quote from Coach Comaeu: “It’s not about where you start, it’s about where you finish.”

By Alexandros Giannakopoulos