Recently members of the AHS Drama Guild competed in the finals of the 2014 Drama Fest.

Lauren Wanthal, a Junior and member of the cast, described Drama Fest as “an acting competition. It takes place in March and there are four rounds—preliminary, secondary, and finals. If you win finals, then there’s New England’s in April.”

Led by Mrs. Choquette, the cast chose to act in the award winning Radium Girls, a drama that revolves around the lives of female factory workers during World War I. Unaware of the deadly amount of radium in the paints, the girls contract radiation poisoning from painting watch dials, resulting in many of their deaths. Despite the dreary events that occur, the story also depicts the theme that it is important to argue for one’s rights.

Taking on the role of a factory worker, Wanthal describes the drama as “a story of [the girls] standing up for themselves—they take it to court and try to fight for what they believe in.”

A total of ten talented students acted in the play this past month. The show was very successful, and the team qualified for Finals. This is the second time AHS has qualified within the past three years. This means that the team finished in the top 14 of about 115 total shows entered from Massachusetts.

Andover High was well represented at the award ceremony of the Fest.

Sasha Schwartz, a junior and set designer, explained, “They give out all-star awards for the different shows that compete in the competition.”

In addition to placing exceptionally well as a team, several individual students received these coveted awards. Among them were Lauren Wanthal, Emily Wivell, Maci Letsky, Carter Letsky, and Evan Pantely, who were honored for acting. Sasha Schwartz also received an award for her set design, and the entire running crew was recognized for their hard work in making the show come to life.

Currently, the drama guild is working on a production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. After an amazing performance of Radium Girls, members of the guild are excited to see what they can bring to the stage next.

By Alison & Caroline Murtagh