The annual Andover High School Talent Show will take place on April 17 in the Collins Center during block 4.

This year there will be around a dozen acts to look forward to, which include dancing, spoken word performance, singing, and instrumental performances by our talented peers. Ms. Bergey, who is head of the Dance Club and a counselor here, will be running the show.

This year Tracy Sun is expected to perform a dance with the Asian American Club, and Cullen O’Dwyer will be performing a rap. Freshman Michaela Abraham will be singing a solo by Beyonce as well. She said, “It’s a lot of fun practicing, and I think this year it will be entertaining to watch. There are a lot of cool acts.”

Former AHS student Samuel Nieves, head choreographer and artistic director from Platinum Dance in Andover, will be here with his dance students. He said, “Platinum Dance will be performing, [but] unfortunately I don’t know what numbers we are bringing yet.”

This year expectations are high because past performances have been “very entertaining, and the audience loves them,” said Bergey.

This is the talent show’s third year officially running, and former shows have been thought of as quite memorable. Fan favorites from last year’s show included Larry Zhu and Jeremy Martinez’s dance battle. Student Xonatia Lee said, “It was really cool and it was very fast and energetic.” She also remembers previous ballet and Indian dances, which were “fun to watch.”

Mr. Mercer, the show choir director, is thinking about performing this year with two of his groups, “From Start to Finish” (Mixed Show Choir) and “Nothing but Treble” (All Girls Show Choir). They will most likely be performing their winning numbers from their past competitions.

By Julie Barbanti