We all know it’s coming, and it’s less than two months away. That’s right; it will soon be prom again. But next year, things will be a little different at AHS.

Rumors have been around that there are thoughts of splitting the prom. This rumor is true and there will be both a separate junior prom and senior dance. Not only have the teachers and administrators been talking about this, but the students and parents as well.

Many have tried to split prom for the past 12 years. One of the junior class advisors who help organize the prom, Ms. Lambroukos, was involved in the conversation of prom with the school council. Lambroukos said, “This change will go into effect next year,” because the current 2013-2014 school handbook states “that the prom is a junior/senior event,” just as it has been in the past.

The seniors have a semi-formal dance at the end of senior week, and Lambroukos said, “This tradition will continue to accommodate the splitting of prom.”

A few reasons for splitting the prom include size, safety and expenses.

Another junior class advisor, Ms. Chachus, said, “There is a lot of concern for the drive to Danvers, and the concern about the size of prom.”

Lambroukos said it “is about a 25-minute drive,” and  “those students who drive themselves to prom and are getting home late at night will be driving Rt. 114 with limited driving experience.” For many years the prom has been held at the same Double Tree Hilton hotel in Danvers, because it is one of the only places that can fit 600-850 people.

Moving the prom somewhere closer, “like the Windam in Andover,” said Chachus, would make it a more inclusive event for students and parents. This would help eliminate some of the issues requested by students, “like having a promenade, or parents being able to come and take pictures.”

While juniors already spend a great deal of money on dresses, tuxes, limos, etc., for their first prom, Lambroukos said, “[Seniors] tend to dress more semi-formal to cut down on cost, which takes away form the juniors being formal.”

Students of AHS have become aware of this upcoming split to the prom, but they certainly do not have a unified view of it. Carolina Raffi, a junior, is aware that this is the last year that there will be a junior/senior prom. Raffi said, “I wish we would have a senior prom, and I wish senior year it wouldn’t be a semi-formal dance.”

While this will be Raffi’s first prom this year, Armando Belliard, a senior, has already experienced prom. Belliard said, “I think either experience has its own unique benefits, and I would be open to either option if I were an underclassmen or junior.”

There have never been big disciplinary issues with prom, and Chachus said, “Kids at prom have been really awesome [and] that wasn’t really what led to talking about splitting the prom.” The idea “came from the students that really wanted something that was special and unique to the junior class,” she said.

Lambroukos said, “The benefits for students will be a more convenient location, where parents can come and watch students walk in as well as giving juniors the formal event they deserve as their first prom and seniors an opportunity to be semi-formal at their last dance during senior week.”

By Sara Wulff