Telethon poster[7] copy It is that time of year again, Andover. The people at the Andover Youth Services are back on your living room TVs and computer screens this upcoming Thursday and Friday, April 3-4, as they present the Rise Telethon, an annual fundraiser dedicated to the funding of the Cormier Youth Center. This year, the Youth Services and the Youth Foundation are on their final push of raising money for the building, asking for the community’s help to have the Youth Center finally completed.

Just like every event with the Andover Youth Services, the telethon will be chock full of surprises. This year, the Andover Youth Council is planning to make the show entertaining from start to finish by gathering talent from all over to support the community. Some of the major talent highlights include Andover’s own American Idol Casey McQuillen, Emily Wivell, the cast of Mr. AHS, various varsity sports teams, and more to be revealed throughout the event.

Hopes are high that there will be much to celebrate at the end of this year's telethon, as was the case in 2013. (Courtesy Photo)
Hopes are high that there will be much to celebrate at the end of this year’s telethon, as was the case in 2013. (Courtesy Photo)

This year, the Andover Youth Council became more creative with ways to donate towards the Youth Center. Instead of just calling in and placing a donation, you can do “challenge donations.” This unique opportunity allows you to call the Youth Services during the Telethon and challenge someone in order to fulfill your donation. For example, from your living room you can call the telethon numbers saying, “I will donate $100 if Bill Fahey does jumping-jacks for an hour straight,” and for the next hour, Fahey will do those jumping-jacks for your support of the Youth Center. It is that easy.

The annual event will be explosively entertaining, with the opportunity to be interactive just as much as the talent is, to support the final push towards the Youth Center. Be sure to watch on Thursday night starting at 7 p.m., when the excitement will begin. You do not want to miss this. This is the chance to make your voice heard—to help solidify the final ingredients the Youth Center needs to be completed for the town of Andover. Let the fun begin. Together, we rise for the Youth Center.

By Nick Valeri

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