Principal Lord recently surfaced on Twitter newsfeeds of Andover High School students. Lord’s Twitter shows exciting things happening at AHS.

Lord tweets about things from Drama Guild to the boys basketball team. No matter the sport or activity, he always tweets with great amounts of enthusiasm. His Twitter updates students who follow him on all the wondrous stuff going on at their school. The Twitter shows how much Lord is involved with extracurricular activities. His Twitter bio reads, “I am the proud principal of Andover High School! GO WARRIORS!!!” His bio alone displays Lord’s passion.

Molly Manuel, junior, said, “I think it’s very cool that Dr. Lord has a Twitter because it’s a way for him to keep in touch with all the activities and to keep in touch with his students.” However she said, “I feel like it’s easier for me not to follow the principal.”

Maggie Norris, freshman, somewhat agreed with Manuel. She said, “I wouldn’t follow him, because I wouldn’t want him to follow me back or see what I tweet.” Half a dozen students interviewed wouldn’t follow him, because they were fearful that he could possibly see what they tweet.

Tommy Comparato, freshman, said he thinks it’s appropriate that Lord has a Twitter. “Sure, he’s the principal,” he said.

Lord said that his Twitter is “highlighting the wonderful things that kids are doing here at the high school.”

Lord was then asked what role social media should play in the classroom. He said, “I think teachers are discovering that this is a really important life experience for kids, social media, and they want to try to incorporate that to make it meaningful for kids.”

He also said, “We have some clever teachers here, and I’d be interested if they could incorporate social media in a meaningful way for your class work.”

By Delianna Marmolejos