Many seniors throughout Andover High will experience the unique and largely uncured disease of senioritis during the last part of this school year.

Senioritis is characterized as a downward slope in overall effort, conduct, and grades. The cause of this is a relaxed feeling towards the end of the school year, after college applications. Both the administration and various teachers acknowledge this apparent issue and have attempted to combat this trend.

Zach Angelosanto, a senior, testified that he sees a definite trend in the senior class and also says he is ”living proof of this… my grades definitely show this.”  He also said that the reason for this slacking off is that “there’s no point to anything that we do in the second half of the year because we’re already in college, and already have the credits, so we don’t need to try.” This theme of not having to try is a point of contention between the students and the administration.

The general feeling of the administration is that seniors do not completely understand what colleges look for in students after they have been accepted. Mr.Seide, assistant principal, said, “Senior students do not fully comprehend the fact that colleges look at their second term grades to check their consistency. It is essential that they understand that their continued academic success is key to retaining their acceptance.”

Colleges have in fact been known to take back applications based on a student’s performance in the second half of the year. Mr. Seide noted that the colleges like to see consistency in effort, and a “senior slide” after the acceptance really hurts your chances of attending that college next fall.

The application process is governed by the guidance office. The counselors are the main source in providing aid and reassurance to seniors who are applying to college and have applied. Also, they are tasked with trying to combat this disease of senioritis and attempt to eradicate it.

Ms.Bergey, a guidance counselor, said that around 60 percent of all seniors applying to college do so as an early application and hear back from their colleges around the time that the first semester is coming to a close. “It does alleviate some of stress and pressure, and they feel like they can relax on their grades,” said Bergey.

This year, the pattern of this downward trend has continued and is still present in its true form. However, this trend is showing signs of slowing down according to Bergey. She said, “This year I really haven’t seen a lot of senioritis…. I’ve seen this year’s seniors come more to a realization that their grades this year will impact their life and affect their application to colleges.”

Teachers this year in AHS have a first-hand look at the “senioritis” trend. Ms. Cutler, a science teacher, said that she can clearly see this in her AP class’ senior population. “It seems that once seniors get into college,” said Cutler, “it is more difficult for them to concentrate on their current academic courses.” The AP courses at Andover High are very rigorous and the best students in the school participate in these classes, yet the trend of the “senior slide” is still apparent.

By Luc Pakey