The AHS faculty has been discussing including a Community Building Block for over a year now. This CBB would provide students and teachers time to bond and create a more close community.

Though it is still in its early stages, there are already big plans for CBB. The primary and main focus of this program is for students to gain closer, stronger bonds with their teachers, thus having a mentor to look after them. A member on the committee looking into the matter, Mrs. McVeigh, health teacher, states that “CBB will help make the school feel smaller for students.”

Another meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 24. Rachel Poliner, who is facilitating the CBB design team, states that, “At this next meeting, we will further advance in our plans for the program. Here, we will converse about the scheduling, activities planned and who will facilitate the group.” There is also a meeting with the Schedule Committee planned soon to converse about the scheduling of this project.

Though this block is to include several activities, the CBB design team is still questioning whether it should be solely academic or emotional, as reported by Ms. Breen, health teacher.

Some students of AHS seem to not be aware of this ongoing project. When hearing about it, many of them had a variety of feelings towards this operation.

One student, Jenna Manning, freshman, said, “I think the student and teacher could bond during this period, but I feel if it is more of an empty block, rather than [one with] activities planned, it would be better.” Another freshman, Nick Vita, believed that an entire block devoted to student-teacher bonding would be “unnecessary,” as he believed, “If this block was used more for academic purposes and extra help, I think it’d be more useful.”

By Alexandros Giannakopoulos