The beginning of freshman year is a very stressful time for many incoming students because they do not have much of an idea of what to expect at the high school. Luckily, there is a group of Andover High School students who are there to lead the way.

The Warrior Way is a program that is run by Ms. Martini and is made up of students from all four grades at the high school. These students visit their old middle and elementary schools to teach younger students about teamwork and leadership.

There is a detailed process Ms. Martini goes through to find her Warriors. First, she emails all the varsity coaches and asks them to send her a list of students who demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and dedication, and are a good influence on others. Next, she observes what the students are like in the classroom, the cafeteria, the hallway, and on the weekends.  Ms. Martini said she “wants leaders who are going to inspire the younger kids to be the best they can possibly be.” Once the Warriors are selected, the meetings begin. Two students, one boy and one girl, are assigned to a specific classroom from the whole school district. Each  elementary or middle school grade focuses on a specific theme, like “good sportsmanship,” for example.

This year the Warrior Way is trying something new. With guidance from the high school Warriors, each classroom will make a video and give a six-word summary on their theme. To represent their theme in their video, students can make signs, sing their summary, write the summary on the chalkboard — basically anything they want to do. Once every classroom is done Ms. Martini and a few others will combine the best videos into one video. Ms. Martini hopes this video compilation will “show what Andover is really about.”

The Warrior Way is currently meeting after school, but in a few months they will start visiting their assigned classrooms. The Warriors are changing the community by teaching teamwork, leadership, and dedication.

By Rhea Singh