You may have heard about Be the Change Team’s special event during all four lunches on Friday, December 20, the day before break.  The event was called the Mix It Up lunch, and the hope was to have students sit with people that they normally do not sit with.  Students even had the opportunity to engage in a fun activity that involved identifying Andover High School staff members by looking at their high school pictures.  This great event, however, did not turn out as planned.

“The goal was to get a large number of people to be willing to sit with someone they didn’t know at lunch,” says social worker Toni Kirby. “I’m not 100% sure why it didn’t work.”

Kirby adds that “Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we did it on the last day before a vacation.  We kind of thought, ‘That’ll be fun, people are kind of psyched…to get ready to go on vacation.’”

While this specific event wasn’t as successful as hoped, Be the Change Team is planning to try Mix It Up lunch again, and in addition, they plan on trying other activities. These activities would promote a sense of community, security, and comfort throughout the high school community.  For example, members have previewed movies that could help to promote these values.  In the coming weeks, the group is planning on promoting their goal of building the community at Andover High School by hanging posters.

So, if you want to be part of a positive change at Andover High School, Be the Change Team would be more than happy to see you join.  Be the Change Team meets Wednesdays at 2:15 in room 370, and although many students who are part of the group attended Challenge Day, it is most definitely not a requirement to join.

By Sophia Boyd